Being part of a traditional Japanese dojo, there is certain etiquette to follow.

This will briefly go over some of the rules and practices to follow.

1. No shoes to be worn inside the dojo.
Please leave shoes in the lobby, neatly and in pairs. Please do not put shoes across the door or fire exits.

2. Bow when entering and leaving the dojo.
Traditionally when leaving the dojo and on your way home, many students will exclaim “Arigato gozamasu” saying thank you for the opportunity to train.

3. If you are late to class. Once you are ready to join, please kneel down at the side and wait for the instructor to allow you in. Bow, and then join the line. Avoid walking in between students and the instructor.

4. Address your instructor as Sensei or students senior to you as Sempai/sensei

5. Keep your Gi (uniform) clean.

6. No jewellery/watches etc to be worn. Any rings or earrings that can’t be removed, please tape up. Anything worn on the wrists, please cover with a sweatband.

7. Long hair should tied up. No metal clips.

8. Nails are to be trimmed to avoid scratches.

9. Keep the dojo nice and tidy. No food should be eaten in the dojo. Water is allowed on the side.

10. If you need to leave the line, please raise your hand and ask permission to leave. When you return, please kneel on the side and wait to be invited back in.

11. When facing your opponent or a new opponent, please Bow and show respect.

12. No talking during class. If you have a question, please raise your hand. The dojo is a place of learning, so feel free to ask for help or explanation.

Osu 🙇‍♂️