How do our after school clubs work?

Aimed at Years 2- 6 our emphasis is on the kids having fun whilst learning the fundamentals of sport- balance , controlled movement, coordination, reaction and discipline. The sessions are catered for new and inexperienced students to learn the art of Shotokan; working on blocks punches, kicks and self defence techniques to help gain a greater insight into the art. Each session runs approximately 45 minutes encouraging lots of pair work to keep the kids active and engaged.

Our highly skilled and motivated instructors are committed to delivering a structured and rigorous training regimen. Each session will focus on developing one to two specific skills, meticulously planned to progress through the entire syllabus. Utilising an array of training tools such as pads, cones, and balls, our instructors will implement diverse drills designed to enhance player formation and skill proficiency. This strategic approach ensures comprehensive coverage of all necessary areas, providing participants with a robust foundation for their development.

All instructors are DBS checked and hold self guarding certificates to ensure that they are able to work with children.

We do offer schools a discounted package alongside the opportunity to grade and compete in tournaments both locally and nationally should they wish to take things more seriously.